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Omegon Ac 102600 Az-3 Telescope - Omegon :

Omegon Ac 102600 Az-3 Telescope from Omegon

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Introducing: Omegon Ac 102600 Az-3 Telescope from Omegon

Produced to high standards by Omegon, a respectable maker, this product is now superb value for money. The Omegon Ac 102600 Az-3 Telescope now offered for shoppers to purchase here at our low price.

Order this Omegon item right away and benefit from prompt, reliable delivery directly to your front door.

Manufacturer Description

102/600 - compact travel and cometary telescope

A long time travelling on a long journey, an adventurer in the sky - comets are wanderers from the depths of our solar system and some come to visit us. Look up at the sky and marvel at the astronomical show. The 102/600 not only provides you with a huge field of view but has particularly fast optics.

The 102/600 optics - a compact telescope with light power

The 102mm aperture not only lets you observe the Moon and planets, but lets you get into the realm of the 'deep sky' and see a good number of 'DSOs'. Observe young star clusters, such as the Pleiades, in detail for the first time or take a look at extended galactic nebulae.

With only a 600mm focal length, this telescope has a particularly wide field of view and is an optimal telescope for soaking up wide views of the night sky. And if you are interested in getting a closer view of a particular object, then simply insert a different eyepiece and you can magnify by up to 200X. 102mm of aperture also lets you resolve some planetary atmospheres and you will be able to observe many details on planets - such as the cloud bands on Jupiter.

Comet finder? - yes it can!

Imagine to yourself it's just getting dark, the stars are shining in the sky and right in front of you there is a majestic comet. You point the 102/600 telescope up at it and the coma and a good part of the dust tail unfolds. That is what this telescope is good for - it's a comet finder. It will show you these travellers from other regions of the Solar System. Feel like a real comet researcher - such as Jean-Louis Pons, one of the most famous discoverers of comets.


The Omegon AZ-3 mount - Precision tracking via slow-motions on both axes

An altazimuth


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