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Meade Instruments 8-inch Lightswitch Series Telescope With Advanced Coma-free Optics :

Meade Instruments 8-inch Lightswitch Series Telescope With Advanced Coma-free Optics


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Introducing: Meade Instruments 8-inch Lightswitch Series Telescope With Advanced Coma-free Optics

With Aperture: 203.2mm(8-Inch). Focal Length: 2032mm and Simply flip the switch and the LS automatically aligns itself, the 0810-03-10 created by Meade, is now available for everyone to order on the web at this great price.

Get the 0810-03-10 today and benefit from quick, efficient delivery direct to your door.

Manufacturer Description

Meade ACF-SC telescopes:

Almost every large telescope worldwide is a Ritchey-Chrétien, including NASA's Hubble space telescope. The technology used by the pros can now belong to you too. Meade's new Advanced Coma-Free System - powerful and high-precision - is within the reach of all ambitious amateur astronomers, astrophotographers and CCD photographers! It provides perfectly sharp star images, at the highest professional observatory level, over the entire field of view. The secret of coma-free system is - as the name says - the complete absence of coma, an optical aberration in which starlight is distorted and pulled into comet-like tails outside the central part of the image. Whether for observing or photography, the ACF Cassegrain optics from Meade is way ahead of conventional mass produced telescopes. It offers fantastic image quality, previously only available from Ritchey Chrétien telescopes and other exotic systems costing several times as much as the Meade system.


The LightSwitch GoTo mount:

The new innovative LightSwitch technology avoids all the difficulties that most beginners normally encounter with telescope alignment. After turning it on, the telescope aligns itself completely automatically and without further input. Equipped with an integrated sensor module (ISM), encompassing GPS and LNT (Level North technology), and combined with the new Eclips CCD camera, the new patented LightSwitch technology replaces the human eye and offers the only alignment procedure, worldwide, that needs no user input currently available in the field of amateur telescopes. After turning it on, electronic sensors download the current time and work out the current location of the device. Precision alignment is then carried out with the help of t


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