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Aomekie Ao2002 400x70mm Refractor Astronomy Telescope For Beginners Travel Scope With Adjustable Tripod Amazing Kit Of Kids Gift :

Aomekie Ao2002 400x70mm Refractor Astronomy Telescope For Beginners Travel Scope With Adjustable Tripod Amazing Kit Of Kids Gift

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Introducing: Aomekie Ao2002 400x70mm Refractor Astronomy Telescope For Beginners Travel Scope With Adjustable Tripod Amazing Kit Of Kids Gift

With ADJUSTABLE TRIPOD - suitable for any age or occasion to observe with the adjustable 15- 51 inches stable aluminium tripod and 16-200X MAGNIFICATION - comes with K6mm eyepiece, K25mm eyepiece, 3x Barlow lens and 5x24 finder scope, 400mm focal length, 70mm aperture. With the ERECT IMAGE DIAGONAL your views are correctly oriented, perfect for land viewing and sky viewing, the AO2009 made by AOMEKIE, now ready for you to request here at our fantastic price.

Get the AO2009 right away and receive quick, efficient delivery directly to your door.

Manufacturer Description

A quality and reliable telescope for beginners.

How would you like to see the craters on the moon and planets of the solar system with great details? How about a clear, breathtaking view of the planet Jupiter? Aomekie Refractor Telescope is an amazing tool to magnify the sky, introduce and instill the love of astronomy to children early on!


The telescope can be used for astronomy, as well as for viewing objects on land. With the erect image diagonal, the terrestrial obejcts appear both right-side up, and correctly oriented left to right, just as you see them with your eyes.


The stable aluminium triop is adjustable to suit stargazing convenience. Locks in solidly, stays right in place for steady images.


Since a telescope has a narrow field of view by design, it can be challenging to locate a particular star or planet . For this reason the telescope is fitted with a low-power, wide-field miniature telescope called a finder scope.


Magnifaction=Focal Length/Eyepiece

The maximum magnification should be used only for particularly clear objects such as the moon, which is relatively close to the Earth and very bright, permitting good resolution of details at high magnification.

Always start viewing with your 25mm eyepiece. This is your low power eyepiece and its wide viewing field will make it easier to locate objects. Once you have located an object and the view is clear you may wish to change to the high power eyepiece.


1 x Telescope tube
1 x k25mm eyepiece (X16)
1 x k6mm eyepiece (X66)
1 x Adjustable aluminum tripod
1 x 45° diagonal mirror
1 x 5x24 finderscope
1 x User manual


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